social media marketing plan get a gripMany marketing and business leaders jump onto the social networks after being sold a bag of social goods from consultants and agencies thinking they can drive immediate business return. They often get sold on the belief that all they need to do is “do social media” and the magical social media fairy will deliver them a basket of ROI.

The truth is they wind up feeling as though their social program is spinning out of control. They focus too much on the science vs art of social media. They chase shiny objects and random acts of marketing vs spending time aligning social media to business goals.

It seems marketing and business leaders have forgotten basic marketing and business 101.

If this is  you, do not fear my friend. There is hope. You need to first acknowledge that you need a grip. Then you need to focus on your business goals and objectives and align social media to where social can have the greatest impact. You need to get stakeholders on board and integrate social into the DNA of your business.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I provide you with some “tough love” to help you determine if you need to get a grip on your social media. Don't forget to download the white paper for 22 tips to tame the wild social media beast!

Episode Highlights

  • 45 signs it's time to get a grip on your social media program
  • WHY is the most important question you must answer
  • Why should your audience care you and your brand exists?
  • Why you must align social to your business goals
  • Why YOU must lead the charge to get a grip on your social media program

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