social media buzz to business results Word of mouth marketing, buzz marketing, influencer marketing. You know the buzzwords maybe more than you want to. You want people talking about you and your brand.

However, you hopefully want business results even more!

Generating social media buzz is good. However, the key is being able to create buzz that helps you deliver real business results.

Buzz without bucks will not pay your team salaries, the office rent or the monthly subscriptions for all of those social media tools you are using to create all that fancy buzz.

Creating buzz without a plan to achieve results is equivalent to creating buzz in a social media vacuum where you just suck up the opportunity of success in a loud funnel of noise and mess.

The question is are you generating buzz that leads to bucks? Or are you generating buzz wishing you had more bucks?

In this episode of Social Media Zoom Factor podcast I dig into why so many are getting caught up in the buzz and losing grip of business and marketing 101. I also share with you some specific strategies and tactics for how you can move from buzz to bucks and real social media results.

Episode Highlights

  • Top reasons marketing and business leaders are achieving only buzz, without the bucks
  • How to move from social media buzz to real business results
  • Importance of knowing your audience
  • The importance of leveraging what ya' got when creating content
  • How to create a content inventory analysis

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