social media fake followers, trolls, spam and  bulliesJust as we think social media, marketing and business leaders were finally starting to “get it” in regard to the foundation of social media being about human connection, relationships, authenticity, there seems to be a new wave of cheaters, influence score addicted, self proclaimed “gurus” ready to risk their reputation, business, client relationships, integrity and more for a few hundred or tens of thousands fake Facebook fans or Twitter followers.

What is even more disappointing is that these are the exact same people who are tweeting, speaking, training and preaching about the importance of being real, nurturing real relationships and how to build and ignite a human social brand.

There are industry thought leaders setting up fake accounts that advocate for themselves and troll others all over the web.

I believe these things are one big fat social elephant in the room that we all must no longer tolerate. Ignoring it is not going to make it go away.

Should you fake it until you make it? You can hear my answer to this question in this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast.

Episode Highlights

  • Should you fake it until you make it?
  • How to identify fake fans on Facebook
  • How to identify fake followers on Twitter
  • The risks associated with buying fans and followers
  • Why you should never troll others on the web
  • The risk of spamming and cheating tactics to your brand
  • Why winning the sprint in life and business is not the objective if it requires cheating.

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