social business interruption marketingTimes are changing. Many of the old school marketing tactics that use to work for marketers in businesses from startups to Fortune 100 organizations no longer work today.

It's clear there is not a need to send mass numbers of tweets or Facebook updates to fill space.  The social inter webs are tearing at the seams with an overwhelming amount of noise. It's getting harder for brands to stand out and unfortunately many of them are falling to noisy, interruptive and spammy tactics.

It's not about pushing content to the masses as fast as we can and hoping we get eyeballs, ears and mindshare. Hope is not a strategy, nor is spam.

Smart marketers are quickly learning they must stop the interruption marketing tactics and instead focus on delivering value, meaningful conversation and connecting at the human level with the people within their communities and circle of influence both online and offline.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast, I help you do a reality check on if you are interrupting conversations versus providing value. We'll dig into tactics and strategies to identify such negative strategies and transition to an approach that will deliver much higher result for both you and the members of your social media communities.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Interruption marketing defined
  • Acknowledging if you are guilty of interruption marketing
  • How to quit interrupting and start providing value
  • The difference between value and noise
  • How to talk with your audience, not at them

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