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We all know that “turning off digital” is becoming harder and harder. There is literally a conversation happening 24/7, 365 days of the year that you can tap into and join instantly. It's almost as if we hear our devices whispering thing like “turn me back on, push that button, scroll me, post me, don't turn me off for so long.”

Social networks, smart phones, apps, tweets, Instagram photos, text messages, Facebook posts, are Google+ conversations are becoming embedded in our digital life.  90% of mobile users keep their device within arms reach 100% of the time.

The question is WHY are you spending so much time online? Are you investing time online for the right reasons? Is your time invested delivering the results you want? It is getting you closer to your life and business goals? Or is it taking you away from them? Are you spending less time with family even when you have made life choices to spend more time with them. However, is it your digital lifestyle that robs your most precious time?

In this special 10 minute Sunday episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I dig into the importance of assessing where you spend your time online. Is your digital life providing the value it could and should be?

Episode Highlights

  • The importance of assessing where and how you spend your time online
  • WHY are you spending time online?
  • Brian Solis's 5 V's of Value (Vision, Validation, Vindication, Vulnerability, Vanity)
  • Turning off digital to turn on to what matters

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