social business redefining valueThere is not a day I don't wake up that my social media stream and email inboxes are not filled with spam and self promotional garbage from people I don't know trying to sell me their goods. Everything from Twitter direct messages, public spammy tweets, to LinkedIn spam messages and the list goes on.

Whatever happened to first saying hello? Or how about building a relationship first? Or even better, how about earning my trust and inspiring me to check out your blog, website, mobile application or other products and services?

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I share 10 ways you can provide more value and quit the selling, spamming approach to social media engagement.

It is imperative that marketing and business leaders learn both the art and science of social media.

Just because you CAN spam the world using social media doesn't mean you should.

It's time marketers shift gears from the “me me me” selling strategy to the “give, give,  give” mentality.

Inspire your audiences to connect with you with a top goal of helping them achieve their goals. When they achieve their goals, you then achieve yours by default because you are aligned with the needs of your audience. Inspire, connect achieve! Don't make it more difficult than it has to be.


Episode Highlights

  • 10 ways to provide value
  • Why you must stop spamming today
  • Using language your audience can understand and connect with
  • Earning trust and nurturing relationships is the key to success
  • Building an integrated platform that helps you connect with your audience over time
  • Building an authentic, human brand

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