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Many business and life experts will tell you that you should follow your passions if you want to get rich. As human beings it is normal for us to focus our lives on something we are passionate about. We want our work and life to matter.

We desire to make a difference in someone else's life. We want to leave a footprint on this planet that is something bigger than what you or I can do individually, something we can only do together.

We search for the dream job. We search for the dream products and services that can deliver happiness. We go on vacations that promise happiness. We purchase courses that promise wealth and improved health.

It's important that you design a life that brings you happiness. However, happiness isn't going to come in a box. Financial security isn't going to come in a box or a 3 day course.

Many search for the dream life where everything magically comes together, where our work can be meaningful, bring value to others and make us rich.

The truth is that the chance of this happening in such a way that everything is going to come to you is well, just about zero.

Monetizing your passions is far different than following your passion. You can’t simply follow your passions and the money is going to follow. Just as with anything in life that has a big and favorable, pleasurable return, there is usually up front planning, dedication and sacrifice up front so you can enjoy the benefits later.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I talk about the myths of following your passion and quickly monetizing them. I cover the difference between following your passion and monetizing your passion, and why you must set goals and a plan to monetize your passion, versus waiting for the money to come to you.

Episode Highlights

  • The reality of the work required to monetize your passion
  • Difference between following and monetizing your passion
  • Definitions of vision, mission and path and why they matter
  • Why you must set goals and plan
  • Why you must treat your passion like a business if you want to monetize it
  • Finding your WHY of life and business
  • The importance of letting your passion energize you and your business

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