social media conversion optimization It's not rocket science or hot news that earning trust, establishing authority and nurturing relationships are the key to success in business and life.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I explain why spam and self promotion is not going to help your business. I also share why your business and marketing results will be exponentially higher if you focus on earning trust and establishing relationships.


Do you wish you had more business conversions? Focus on earning trust as a top priority. Relationships are nurtured over time with a foundation of trust, caring, and open communication.

Relationships are not formed via a spam auto Twitter direct message or a spam link blasted via Twitter to the top 50 influencers in your industry or niche.

Many marketing and business leaders hop onto the social networks and get excited about how easy it is to blast the noise to hundreds and thousands of people. Even for those who don't like to write, they find it easy to throw together a few 140 character tweets spamming links and self promotional content with the hopes of growing their business.

Spamming and over self promotion will hurt your brand more than help it. These behaviors may be pushing people away from you and your brand vs attracting them and inspiring them to have a relationship with you.

If spamming and self promotion are the behaviors you have been falling to then it is time you do a reset. You can easily stop spamming today. It's one simple decision.

Episode Highlights

  • Why trust and relationships stomp spam and self promotion for business results
  • Why spam is hurting your brand more than helping
  • The importance of providing consistent value to earn trust and build relationships
  • Why you must know your audience and develop a strategy to help them achieve their goals
  • Focus on the human relationship first

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