people don't buy things they join thingsHumans are creatures of habit. Since marketers are humans, this means it's easy for marketers to fall to old tactics and strategies to achieve their business and marketing goals.

Times are changing. Smart marketers are quickly learning that it is no longer simply about eyeballs and impressions. To inspire audiences to connect with brands, marketers must connect in a human way.

Even more important is that audiences and community members are invited to join something bigger than what they can be or do by themselves.

It is human behavior for people to want to feel connected. They want to connect with other humans. They want to know that they are safe, cared for and that their worth on this planet will have a lasting impression. They want to feel a sense of belonging, achievement and actualization.

Bottom line, people want to be part of something bigger than what they can be by themselves. They want to not just buy something, but join something.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I explain why marketing and business leaders leading social media marketing for brands of all sizes must empower their audience and give them something to join that offers value, relevancy, community and relationships that are meaningful. I also share 10 strategies and tips to nurture and grow communities that offer value to all who choose to participate.

Episode Highlights

  • Why people want to be part of something bigger than themselves
  • Why people want to do more than buy things
  • What people look for in a community
  • How community leaders can build a “sticky fabric” that attracts and inspires people to stick around for the long term
  • 10 tips to nurture and grow meaningful communities of value

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