Delta Airlines Case Study Power of a Smile Talisha Wins Our Heart and Brand Loyalty With a Smile

Talisha Wins Our Heart and Brand Loyalty With a Smile

The power of a smile can be life changing. Have you ever had one of those moments where a smile on someone's face simply brightened your day? Where an unexpected simple smile reminded you there are still good people in this world?

A smile can warm a heart. It can help shed a tear. It can make a cloudy day feel sunny.

In business a smile can earn a loyal customer for life. A smile can help solve a problem and even save a customer.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I share a recent positive brand experience I had with Delta Airlines on a recent trip to Greece where a smile simply made my day. Through a series of positive brand impressions and experiences, Delta has quickly earned my loyalty and trust. The experience even inspired me to share it with my friends, family, online community and listeners to this podcast.

In this episode I also share 10 tips to smile at your customers virtually via the social networks and digital platforms. Though we can't always smile at our customers and community in real life, we can definitely deliver them smiles in the form of digital and social body language. How we talk, how we listen, respond and communicate are all virtual ways in which we communicate and the loyal trust of our audience and social media community members.

Take a listen to the podcast and learn how you can deliver virtual smiles to your audience and increase brand equity, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction overall.

Podcast Episode Highlights

  • The power of a smile
  • Delta Airlines case study in the power of a smile
  • 10 Tips to virtually smile at your audience, community and listeners
  • The power of social and digital body language

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