social media guru consultant expert There is definitely not a shortage of social media self proclaimed gurus and experts willing to tell you exactly what you should do to achieve results in business using social media.

You could spend every waking moment of your day reading blog posts, analyzing industry reports, peeling back the onion of the best practices from the social scientists.

They have advice on everything from how to tweet, how to get retweeted, what time of day to tweet, and when, how and why you should be on one social network over the other. In addition you can find a ton of advice on how to become a social rockstar overnight with their magic social media pill for a low price of $49!

There is a hard reality you must understand. You need to quit building your strategy based solely on the advice of social media gurus and scientists.

Why you ask? Because you need to build your own plan that supports the needs of your audience and your own business goals and objectives. These gurus we are referring to do NOT know your audience, your business or your goals and objectives.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I explain why you must stop taking the advice of gurus as the social media gospel and why you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work building your own plan.

Episode Highlights

  • Why you must stop basing your social media strategy on guru advice
  • Why you must build your own plan
  • Two case studies showcasing why the guru advice does not always drive desired outcomes
  • Why there is no replacement to knowing your audience


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How to Subscribe to Social Zoom Factor Podcast