delta airlines delightful customer experience case  study What human being doesn't love a delightful surprise? An unexpected and positive brand experience can create memories that last a lifetime.

It's not the status quo of life and business that we remember and want to shout from a mountain top and tell our friends and colleagues about it.

Why is it so many brands focus only on status quo? I really do wish more brands would choose to delight me and give me something more than what I expect and what all of their competitors deliver.

Brand leaders must embrace the need and importance of creating positive customer experiences.

Surprising and delighting customers can help brands increase customer loyalty and even inspire their audiences to share the delightful experiences far and wide with their networks both online and offline.

Check out this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to hear a case study about an amazing, delightful and unexpectedly pleasant experience I recently had while flying on Delta Airlines on a trip to Athens, Greece.  I also compare the experience to a not so delightful experience I had on a recent and prior trip flying Jet Blue airlines.

Listen to the podcast to also hear specific tips and strategies for how business and marketing leaders can create delightful and unexpected experiences for their customers and community.

Podcast Episode Highlights

  • Why all brands should have a goal to surprise and delight their customers consistently
  • How to create delightful and unexpected customer experiences
  • The benefits of creating delightful, unexpected customer experiences
  • Earning loyal brand evangelists via delightful customer experiences
  • Why brands must provide a better than status quo customer experiences
  • Importance of knowing your customer and giving them what they want before they know they want it
  • Acknowledge the needs of your customers and clearly communicate the fact you will deliver to the needs
  • The importance of consistently making every brand touch count

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