influencer marketing plan agencyWhat do you and your brand stand for? What are your morals? What ethics are you building your business and life upon?

How solid of foundation are you standing on? When if ever will you trade in your ethics, integrity and morals for a few bucks?

How are you building trust with your online communities, customers, partners and friends? Chances are it is built upon the same foundation of ethics, morals and beliefs.

I was recently approached by the agency of a very large technology brand inviting me to help them out with an online influencer program.

The brand offered to pay me $1,500 to help them promote a campaign for a few short weeks. The campaign intertwined both a social good, random act of kindness type of game with a giveaway for a product.

Take a listen to this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to hear why I turned down the opportunity. It did not align with my beliefs, morals and foundation for which I am building and have already built my brand. Although I would have loved to work with this particular brand, it was not worth the risk to my personal nor the brand of my agency, Marketing Nutz. It is also not how I would want to kickoff the relationship with the brand.

Episode Highlights

  • Why I turned down the $1500 influencer marketing opportunity
  • Why you must know what foundation you are building brand upon
  • The importance of keeping true to your beliefs, ethics, morals and integrity
  • The importance of trust in building a social media community
  • Why you must keep the needs of your audience at the core of business and marketing decisions
  • Tips for working with influencers and thought leaders
  • Tips for launching a social media campaign with ethics and integrity as the foundation

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