Facebook Marketing Strategies Tips 2015It's no surprise that Facebook is still one of the hottest social networks around. Check out these statistics published by Facebook as of September 2014.

  • 864 million daily active users on average
  • 703 million mobile daily active users on average
  • 1.35 billion monthly active users
  • 1.12 billion mobile monthly active users

As with anything in life or business, when there is opportunity for goodness, there is also much opportunity for risk and even damage to your brand and business.

Facebook is no different. Facebook presents tremendous opportunity to nurture relationships, establish and grow community, increase brand awareness and even your business bottom line. However, if you don't understand the ecosystem, how you can best fit within it to build relationships and your brand, you may wind up hurting your brand more than helping it.

It is is as important to understand not only best practices but also worst practices that can damage your personal brand, corporate brand and business success when it comes to social media, business and life!

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I share 15 things you should never do on Facebook.

Episode Highlights

  • 15 things you should never do on Facebook
  • Focus on relationships over spamming
  • The importance of managing your privacy by being careful who you let into your Facebook network
  • Be yourself and never fall to tactics that waste time stalking and copying competition
  • How to ensure you don't lose people at hello when inviting them into Facebook groups
  • The importance of giving credit where credit is due when sharing other people's content
  • The differences of how you communicate and post content to Facebook vs Twitter
  • The importance of customizing content for your Facebook audience vs blasting the same content to every social network
  • How to avoid the drama and negative posts and conversations on your Facebook wall
  • Why you should never setup a personal Facebook profile to use to solely promote your business

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