Your Child's Online Reputation is in Your Social Media Hands! We have all seen them…the videos, photos and social network status updates by frustrated parents.

The story goes something like this:

1. The kid does something wrong.

2.Parent implements a consequence such as grounding, taking away car etc.

3. Parent vents on Facebook or Twitter.

4.Child vents on Facebook, Twitter, text and who knows where else!

5. Parent takes photo of messy room, wrecked car or mad teen.

6. Parent posts photo and/or another frustrated status update to Facebook.

7. Parent and child go about their life. They make up, forgive one another and forget about situation.

8. Parent does not update social network status that everything worked out great and that their child is now back to the perfect angel the Holiday cards will depict they are.

So, what’s the problem?

So now you may asking “what is the problem and point of this post and podcast?”  Why is it a problem to complain about your kids constantly? Isn’t it part of life? Part of sharing everything you do, what’s on your mind via Facebook?

The truth is that your child's reputation sits in the palm of your hands. Every image you post, rant on Facebook and tweet complaining or bragging about them is impacting what people think and know of them.

This could either positively or negatively impact not only their personal brand, ability to land a job but their life.

Take a listen to this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to hear my thoughts on this very important topic. I share some solid reasons why you need to think twice about what you post to the social networks. I also provide some proactive strategies and tips to help your child and teen in staying safe online while still building their online persona and brand.


Episode Highlights

  • Why everything you post about your child or teen to social media is impacting their personal brand and future
  • Proactive tips to keep your children and teens safe online
  • The negatives and risks of posting too much information about your teens
  • How you could impact your teenagers ability to obtain a job because of your posts to Facebook
  • Why some things are better left unsaid
  • How to assess if your postings to the social networks are negatively impacting your child or teen
  • The role parents play in helping their child manage their online brand


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