social media tips for franchise, franchisor, franchisee organizationsMany franchise organizations shy away from implementing social media, new media and the latest digital and web technologies due to fear and lack of ability to roll out such big marketing and media changes to their franchisees from the corporate organization.

Often time the franchisor fears that adopting social media and new technologies will put the brand at risk. They are afraid of brand inconsistency, negative interaction with audiences and the list goes on.

The truth is that regardless if a franchisor, franchisee or brand of any type or size decides to engage on the social web, there is a conversation happening in their honor already. The question is do they want to be a proactive part of the conversation.

My agency, Marketing Nutz has worked with numerous franchise organizations. We help them not only implement social media, adopt new technologies but also setup an infrastructure that empowers the franchisees while also ensuring brand consistency, streamlined communication and ensuring the corporate organization and franchisor is consistently providing value and partnering with franchisee teams.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I share 10 tips to help the franchisor setup an infrastructure and culture that promotes teamwork, collaboration, and successful adoption of social media and the latest digital technologies and methodologies. These tips are also helpful and applicable for any brand and organization setup in a distributed model with teams in different locations and geographies.

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Episode Highlights

  • 10 tips for franchisors to successfully implement social media at the corporate and franchisee level.
  • The importance of having a servant heart vs only focusing on control.
  • Why franchisors must stay knowledgeable on the latest media and technology to empower franchisees to succeed.
  • How to setup a social media policy that empowers vs simply controls.
  • Why social media policies are required, not optional.
  • How to provide value to franchisees in the form of social media templates, training and more.
  • How to more quickly roll out new media to franchisees by learning and rolling it out at the same time.
  • Why franchisors must quit overwhelming their franchisees with too much marketing information. Less is truly more.
  • Embracing imperfect perfection

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