social business strategy tactics Do you ever feel like you want to jump in the fast lane of business and life but something is holding you back? Does it feel like you are stuck in the slow lane doing the doggy paddle?

Many business leaders and marketers deep down inside are afraid of success. Because of fear they often stick to status quo as they are more comfortable there. They are afraid to put themselves out there so stick with a nice, slower pace of “doggy paddle.”

Unfortunately the doggy paddle is not going to help you zoom turbo in business or life. Although it may be comfortable, it's unlikely you'll be able to sustain anything at such a slow pace for much longer than the short time. The chances are high you will burn out, run out of money or simply fail.

There is no better time to kick the doggy paddle to the curb than the launch of a new year. As we kickoff 2015, I am challenging you right here and now to jump in the fast lane. I want you to kick doggy paddle to the curb. It's time to leave the amateaur stroke to the lil' puppies. It's time for you to start zooming turbo with those who are going places. It's time for you to work, live and play with the big dogs!

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I share 10 tips and strategies to help you leave the doggy paddle in the dust. I share why it's important for you to set goals, prioritize, stop worrying about competition as well as embrace new technology to drive efficiencies and deliver value to your audiences on a consistent basis.

Also, be sure to download our brand new SWOT analysis worksheet. It will help you map out your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats so you can properly assess your business, market, skills and build a plan to zoom turbo in 2015!

Episode Highlights

  • Why you must kick your doggy paddle to the curb if you want real results using social media for business
  • Why you need to stop peeping over the fence at competitors constantly
  • How to stop worrying about FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • How to become more confident and jump to the fast lane even before you think you're ready
  • The importance of mindset to achieve your goals and objectives

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