social media community manager success tipsAt the foundation of social media is people. Social media is about people communicating, sharing, engaging, laughing, crying, and living life together online. It's about relationships, meeting new people, finding old friends, and fostering relationships that help you zoom your business and life.

Understanding how to nurture relationships, and most importantly bring people together so they can be part of something bigger than themselves is where the real power of social media comes in!

Many organizations will assign a team member to be the “social media community manager” assuming this person can take charge on everything having to do with social media. Usually this happens because the business and marketing leaders making such a decision don't really understand the difference between social media and social business.

Assigning an intern or entry level person to run a social media or social business program is a potential recipe for disaster for the business as well as a career demolition derby for the social community manager assigned. Knowing how to tweet is far different than defining strategy, tactics, building and launching an integrated social media program that will help the business achieve business and marketing goals.

Many social community managers jump into social media work expecting it to be glamorous! We've even seen this with our agency, Marketing Nutz. What many social media professionals find surprising is the amount of detailed work, knowledge, data, analysis, team leadership and business acumen is required to be successful in the world of social business. Social media requires much more than knowledge of how to send a tweet or post to Facebook.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I share 12 strategies and tips to help social media community managers be successful. This is the first in a series of conversations that will be diving deep into strategies and tactics to help marketing and business professionals be successful in integrating social media into the DNA of their business to achieve results.

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Episode Highlights

  • 12 strategies and tips to help social media community managers be successful in any sized organization, big or small
  • Why social media community managers must realize their are not a team of one. Teamwork is the awesome sauce for success.
  • The importance of learning the business quickly
  • Taking pride in even the small tasks.
  • Learning the language of your customers
  • Being proactive vs waiting to be told what to do
  • The power of relationships with internal and external team members, including agencies
  • Setting yourself up to succeed in a career of business and marketing
  • Why you must let go of the ego at the door

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