SuperBowl Social Media Branding Tips 2015 The SuperBowl is right around the corner and presents tremendous opportunity for brands to jump into the spotlight.

Of course, the big brands are spending millions of dollars to get their short lived moments of fame with the hope of making a lasting impression, earning loyal brand evangelists and inspiring people to talk about them, share their message and become a viral hit sensation. NBC is seeking $4.4 million to $4.5 million per second!

The good news is that you don't have to be a huge brand to tap into the energy of the SuperBowl to power up your brand!

Check out this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast for 10 tips to make a touch down with your marketing this upcoming SuperBowl weekend!

Episode Highlights

  • 10 SuperBowl marketing tips for brands big and small
  • How to tap into the energy of the SuperBowl even if you are a small brand
  • Why you can't use the SuperBowl logo on your marketing materials
  • How to associate your brand with the SuperBowl without using the trademark
  • How to tap into the power of visual marketing
  • How to engage your employees to humanize your brand
  • How to leverage hashtags to tap into the power of the OPC (other people's community and content) to grow your own brand awareness and community)
  • Why you must get local and not just focus on national conversations

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