social brand strategy planning As more and more brands jump on the social networks there is no shortage of tweets to read, podcasts to listen to, blog posts to learn from, videos to watch or people to talk to!

What's even worse is as the competition for eyeballs, ears and hearts is increasing across the social web, even the biggest and most popular social networks such as Facebook are moving even further into a pay to play model. The days of free organic reach with little investment in content and community are quickly coming to a close. Not that this ever really worked or was a strategy for smart brands.

Did you know that on average 98% of the people who “like” a business Facebook page will never visit the actual page again? They may only see it in their newsfeed “if” the brand is lucky and Facebook’s algorithm determines it is worthy of a view in the newsfeed of their fans.

What are you doing to adapt and be ready for the new social web?

The number one question you should be answering is WHY! Why should your audience and online social community care that your brand exists?

We consult with business owners and brand of all sizes, from entrepreneurs and startups to Fortune 100 brands. One of the first things we ask when conducting a social media audit or developing a social business strategy or marketing plan is WHY. It’s amazing how many brands can’t answer this simple question.

Why should anyone care that you have a Facebook business page? Why should they check out your tweets? Why should they read your blog? Why should they click on any of the call to actions you offer on any of your social network profiles? Why should they trust you with their email address? Why should anyone follow you on Twitter? Be your friend on Facebook? Check out your photos on Instagram?

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I discuss why every brand on the planet must make it a priority to answer the question WHY. It's a short 15 minute podcast designed to help you get your butt in gear and start zooming your business to turbo speed in 2015! Take a listen and be sure to subscribe to the entire series on iTunes, Stitcher or SoundCloud!

Episode Highlights

  • The importance of answering the question WHY in regard to everything about your digital and online marketing strategy
  • Why it is a problem if you are freaking out about the latest Facebook organic reach changes
  • How you can better compete for eyeballs, ears, hearts and minds in a crowded, noisy, online social world
  • How you can adapt and be ready for the ever changing social web

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