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millennial marketer adobe summit, getrealchat


The generation who doesn’t trust marketing has just arrived on your marketing team. And they could care less about your media plan. Where the establishment sees messages, they see experiences. From the outside, this generation is driving marketing’s move beyond marketing, and the seamless, physical-meets-digital experience coming to mobile devices. From the inside, these new leaders are the catalysts to breaking down silos, and can help you focus more on what you should do, and less on what you should say.

Pam Moore of Marketing Nutz is coming to Adobe Summit as a Summit Insider, and will be hosting her weekly #GetRealChat live from the Adobe Summit floor. On Tuesday, March 10 from 3-4 pm MT. Pam, along with myself, social media expert Chad Warren, and marketing veteran Matt Scharf, will talk through the confusion surrounding millennial marketers: How will they shape the future of digital marketing? What does your marketing team of the future look like? How do millennial marketers’ and seasoned marketers’ challenges differ?

Follow #GetRealChat to join the conversation. If you’ve participated in a #GetRealChat before, you know the drill. Come, share your ideas, because when you share your experiences, we all benefit.

Just because we like you we’ll also be doing one-on-one Q&As with several millennial marketers at Summit. You won’t want to miss seeing the innovation and ideas these young marketers have to offer. Follow the Adobe Digital Marketing blog to see these interviews post-Summit.

You haven’t seen the end of the millennial marketer, in fact, this is just a snapshot of even more great things to come. Stay up to date on the work Adobe is doing around millennial marketers by following #MillennialMarketer.