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The challenge can be overwhelming for marketers to consistently create content that is fresh, relevant and provides real value to their audience, customers, and prospective customers.

Because of this pressure, unfortunately many marketers fall to lazy marketing tactics. They quit creating their own content and start curating and sharing other helpful content from leaders in their industry. Curation can be good. However, many lazy marketers start copying, pasting and regurgitating other people's content. They copy, tweak and pretend it is their when in reality they have often lost the real meaning of it without even knowing. They wind up hurting their brand more than helping.

Though curation can be an impactful and excellent way to establish your brand online as well as serve the needs of your audience, it requires both art and science to see real benefit.

Is anything really new anyway? Does content have to be new to be relevant? How can you curate content from other industry leaders and still be relevant to your audience? Where do you draw the line of endorsing other people's content vs supporting their brand more than your own? What are the negatives of content regurgitation?

If these are some of the questions you have then take a listen to the 105th episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to learn the difference between creation, curation and regurgitation of content. I also include tips and strategies to develop your own curation platform and ensure you are not simply regurgitating content that will hurt you more than help.


In this 30 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • Definition of content creation and new ideas
  • Definition of content curation
  • Definition of content regurgitation
  • How to create content that represents the brand of you!
  • Why you must keep the brand of you in your ocntent
  • The importance of adding your own perspective in every piece of content
  • How to curate content like a curation rock star
  • The difference between regurgitation and curation of content
  • Why you must stop regurgitating other people's content.

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