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Time for you to welcome your new marketing team member, the millennial marketer. These new millennial marketers are currently aged 19-36 and have a population of 76.7 million, larger than baby boomers.

Millennials are diverse. They value happiness, passion, diversity, sharing and discovery. They want their employers to invest in them, and many value personal development over pay.

They aren't going to get excited about your latest fancy media plan. Instead, they care more about what you do versus what you say. They want to see the action behind the words, the delivery in a human way of your value proposition.

Are they really different from other generations? Or do they simply have the simple mindset many of us have to be social, adopt new technology and use it to drive value in both our life and business? It is really a generational mindset or more of a social and technology mindset?

Do you know what they need and want from  you? Do you know how to best fit them into your organization for maximum success for the business, your existing team and your new millennial team member?

Do you really know who this new millennial marketer is who is now sitting on the other side of the table at your corporate marketing meeting or driving your largest marketing campaign of the year? If you don't know them, you better figure out what inspires and motivates them and quick.

Don't just sit there waiting for the millennial to walk in your door and be disappointed when they walk right back out because you couldn't inspire, connect and activate them to do their best for you, your organization and themselves.


Join the Conversation

We are pleased to announce the kickoff of a series of discussions on the Millennial Marketer. The first is in partnership and is sponsored by Adobe and will be a Twitter chat hosted live from the #AdobeSummit event in Salt Lake City, Utah on March 10th.

Join the conversation, “Getting Real with the #MillennialMarketer” on Tuesday, March 10, 3pm mt / 5pm et. on Twitter.

Joining the conversation will be several @Adobe team members.

Snapshot of  Adobe Team members Joining #GetRealChat Conversation on Mar 10 at 3pm mt / 5pm et: 

  • Lauren Friedman – Head of Global Social Business Enablement
  •  Matt Scharf – Manager of Display Media Operations & Analytics
  • Chad Warren – Group Manager, Social and Content Marketing

Come learn and explore with us what the digital marketing organization of the future looks like.


#GetRealChat Twitter Chat Community#GetRealChat Twitter Chat with Adobe 

Date: Tuesday, March 10th
Time: 3pm mt / 4pm ct / 5pm et / 2pm pt
Join Conversation: Live Twitter Chat 


Conversation will include:

  • How will Millennial Marketers shape the future of digital marketing?
  • What does the marketing team of the future look like?
  • As a #MillennialMarketer, what do you feel is holding companies back from taking their marketing to the next level?
  • How do you define innovation? And what components are necessary in a company to allow innovation to take place?
  • What challenges do #MillennialMarketers face that differ from seasoned marketers, if any?
  • How do you continually reinvent yourself? Where do you find inspiration?
  • How do you know when it’s time to abandon an innovation?

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