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Do you ever feel stuck and have questions related to social media, digital marketing, blogging, content marketing, strategy, entrepreneurship, startups, or branding keeping you up at night?

Do you also like learning from others? Do you like hearing the questions and answers that many in your niche may have?

If this is you then you are in for a treat today as this is the first Social Zoom Factor podcast episode that we are incorporating questions from the audience.

Episode 119 questions and answers will cover the following: 

  • Using social media to test a product and do market research before launch
  • Where to focus for a new online business? Thought leaders and influencers, ideal customers or both?
  • How to price social media services
  • Where I get my inspiration

Have a question? Submit your question via voice mail right here on this site and I will play it live on the podcast and answer question for you! All instructions are here-> Ask Pam a Question Now! 

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