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As an agency practitioner managing client accounts, you must be on you’re a-Game all day, every day.

And it’s not just one brand you are managing but the livelihood, reputation and social presence of many.

Have you ever asked yourselves these questions?

  • How do you keep up?
  • How do you reduce risk for your agency and the client?
  • How do you manage access control to social platforms across your team?
  • How do you drive efficiencies with automation but still nurture human relationships and keep engagement real-time?
  • How do you increase efficiencies with repeatable processes while also staying creative and being able to stay agile and creative?
  • How can you immerse yourself in the brand without spending too much time on each client?
  • How do you best balance workload across multiple and disperse agency team members, client partner teams?
  • How do you measure ROI?
  • How do you measure the value you offer the client and justify the investment in your services?
  • How do you stand above the noise and crowd of other agencies trying to do the same thing as you?

Are these some of the questions that keep you up at night?

If yes, join me and Andrew Caravella, VP of Marketing at Sprout Social for a free webinar on Tuesday, April 28th at 1pm et as we dive deep into these common social media agency questions and problems, and most importantly help you answer them!

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