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Thanks to digital marketing and social media, one single human being can have as much or even more impact than a large Fortune 100 brand. Even some of the world's largest brands are turning to individual influencers, bloggers, podcasters, videographers and more to tap into their trust, credibility and community they have fostered.

Online marketing and social media never has been and never should have been focused on number of followers, Klout scores or other vanity metrics. What matters is being able to inspire, connect, and move an audience. What matters is being able to change minds, touch hearts and connect emotionally with the people within your community.

Remove the buzzwords of the crazed digital world and boil it down to what really matters. It has and will always be about human beings. It's about the people. It's about connecting humans with other humans. It's about helping the humans within your communities solve their problems and achieve their goals. It's about connecting humans to be part of something bigger than they can be themselves.

YOU have the opportunity to be the media today and tomorrow. You can build an integrated online digital platform that works even when you are not working.

You can be the media that educates, inspires, connects, serves, and changes the world. It only takes a seed, one single tweet or Facebook post to create life changes for one, hundreds, thousands and even millions of humans.

However, even with this opportunity there comes much work. You must figure out how you can have the greatest impact in a world where the the scarcest resource is attention. Every brand, every blog, every tweet and Facebook page is vying for attention from the same people you want attention from.

I am thrilled to announce a new series of the Social Zoom Factor podcast titled “You are the Media.” In this series we will dive deep into how you can build an integrated online digital and social platform that works when you aren't working. A platform that helps you achieve your business goals. A platform that helps you achieve and live your dreams. A platform that organically help you inspire, attract and connect with your ideal customer and simply amazing people who you want to have by your side.

We'll be diving into digital frameworks, content calendars and plans, strategic and tactical options for social media, personal branding, business branding, measurement and more.

To kickoff the series episode 111 covers the top 10 reasons you need a blog. You must have a home base and build your foundation on property you own, versus rented social land from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Free webinars: We are also launching a series of webinars and training opportunities to dig even deeper. Sign up here-> You are the Media – Building Your Media Foundation

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In this 30 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • Why you need a blog (10 top reasons)
  • How a blog can help you establish your personal brand
  • How a blog can help you earn trust, and establish credibility
  • How to find your voice by serving your audience and customers with content that inspires, connects and educates
  • Why you must focus not only on economics but on emotional and human connection

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