social media content strategy be the value, not the noise

There is obviously not a shortage of content, conversations and brands begging for your attention.

Brands and the smart marketers within them are quickly learning that they are media. It’s easy for brands to hop on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to start blasting noise.

The opportunity that every human being and brand can truly be the media is incredible for marketers who respect the media.

However, unfortunately many marketers take the lazy way out and are thinking it is their purpose in life and business to fill a media blank space that doesn’t exist.

They for some reason think that if they are not blasting their brand message from a megaphone that people will not hear them. When in reality if they shut their yapper long enough to listen, engage and provide value they could be spending far less time on the social networks and providing much higher value.

It’s not about being the noisiest one in the room. It’s about being the brand, the guy, the gal, who can provide the absolute most value. It’s about being hunan. It’s about connecting as real people and establishing trust.

Don’t be the noise. Be the value.

In this 125th episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I provide a quick 5 minute dose of tough love for why marketers must stop filling space. There is no space to fill in this crowded, noisy online, connected world we live in. It’s a myth that marketers have created for themselves believing they need to create more noise to justify their job, be heard or whatever the excuse may be. Choose to rise above. Choose to not follow status quo. Choose to stand out from the crowd by putting down the megaphone and listening more than you talk.

In this 5 minute episode you will learn:

  • Why creating noise is not a goal any marketer should aspire to achieve
  • Why filling space is not needed
  • Why marketers must stop filling space and instead focus on value

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