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Many marketing and business leaders hop online to the social networks and struggle with getting attention or achieving their goals and objectives. When this happens, often times without even realizing it, their mindset starts to shift to negativity.

Though they may want to feel positive, they let emotions take them over. They may be frustrated with people in their communities, their own team and leadership and even clients. They may be jealous of competitors or others in their field. They wind up comparing their chapter 1 to everyone else's chapter 20. Instead of looking over the fence they should be focused on their own business and life! Because they let negativity enter their mind, they let negativity enter their life and business.

We attract what we are and what we put out into the world. When we let our mindset and thoughts shift from positive to negative it is eventually going to be the negativity that people see, feel and hear from us.

When it comes to online marketing and communication via the social networks, live video streaming, photo sharing and even texting, we are limited to 140 characters or short bursts of information. One negative tweet can change the perception of a potential client who was thinking of contacting you or your business to conduct business.

Mindset is key to success in both business and life. The power of positivity is incredible. If you feel as though you have fallen off the positivity wagon recently, take a listen to the 134th episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast for some inspiration to focus on your mindset and assess if maybe you are the reason so many people feel negative around you?

The 134nd episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast provides a quick 10 minute dose of inspiration to help you embrace the power of positivity in your life today!

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In this 10 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • How your mindset may be impacting your online and offline relationships
  • What to do if you know negativity is impacting you, your brand, and your communities online
  • Why we are what we tweet and post to the social networks
  • Why you may be finding yourself in many negative conversations online
  • Why you must take time off to recharge and reinvigorate your mind and brand

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