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Industries, communities and ecosystems of all kinds go through cycles of change. They grow, they shrink, they thrive, they struggle. How they get out of the struggle and truly embrace change is what separates the winners from the losers.

Business leaders and digital marketers all over the world are struggling every day with how to stay up to date on the latest trends, technology, social networks, methodologies and more.

Even with the large number of people we see of embracing change and having a genuine desire to “be the change” as change agents, there is very little real change happening in regard to mindset. There is very little that most people are doing to truly help people take action and move their business and life forward. Instead people are getting stuck on social media buzz from their own community and wind up in a dangerous swirling, whirling echo chamber.

It's easy to get stuck in a box. Does any of the below sound familiar? 

  • You don't know where to start so you gravitate to things you feel comfortable with such as shiny objects or deep analytical data vs tactics that will truly move your business forward.
  • You avoid public conversations on the social networks as you are afraid of saying the wrong thing.
  • You are a lurker more than an active contributor in most online communities.
  • You want to embrace change but feel stuck and aren't sure where to start.
  • You worry too much about what others think of you.
  • The arguments others are having over industry or technical semantics drive you nuts.
  • You are part of the arguments and complaining over semantics but often leaves you feeling yucky.
  • You have lots of social media buzz but very little social media bucks.
  • You spend far too much time online for the business results you are achieving?

The truth is there is far too much talk and not enough action being taken in the world of digital marketing, social media and online marketing.

Answer this…

  • Does it really matter if we use the term social media expert, guru, or professional?
  • Do your customers and prospective customers really give a rip about half the things the masses argue about online all day via Facebook, Twitter chats and more?
  • Does it matter if you get thousands of hearts on Periscope, or on every leader board on the planet? Is it really moving your business forward?
  • Why do you have the customers you have? How can you earn and retain more of them? Shouldn't you focus there?
  • Why are there so many events becoming a real life “echo chamber” that the only people speaking are the sponsors and same people speaking everywhere?
  • Do you need to get out of your own box and help move the industry forward?
  • Are you ready to truly embrace change and start helping the industry move forward?
  • How are you going to get out of your box?

It is my belief many are living and embracing the echo chamber. It's time we get out of the box. It's time to quit arguing about semantics. It's time for the masses to start delivering value, real value.

Take a listen to the 140th episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast for some real talk on how we can get out of our box and move the industry forward.

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In this 15 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • Why it's time the social ecosystem gets out of the echo chamber and embraces change
  • Why people must stop arguing about semantics such as “social media guru”
  • Why you must stand on the foundation of your morals and value you offer your customers and community
  • Importance of unplugging and getting out of your own box and way
  • Tips to get out of your box and out of your own way, starting today
  • The importance of self reflection and mindset
  • Why you should take a look at your 2015 goals and assess how you are tracking toward progress

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