How to Write Epic Blog Posts Your Audience Will Devour


how to write epic blog content marketing

Content marketing is at the center of digital marketing and business today. Everything we tweet, post, pin and create is a form of content marketing.

Blogs are a foundation for many brands and people establishing thought and brand leadership online. Blogs can serve as a home base and help connect the dots between earned, owned and paid media to nurture relationships and achieve desired business outcomes.

Unfortunately too many digital, social and content marketers think they can just write a long blog post or throw social content spaghetti at the wall and hope it sticks. They foolishly believe that hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of readers are going to come beating down the social blog virtual doors begging to buy from them. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Attention is the most scarce resource marketers struggle with today. Throwing blog content spaghetti at the wall is not going to help you gain the right attention, build community or achieve real business results.

Writing epic blog content that attracts, inspires and connects you with your ideal customer requires a combination of both art and science.

Take a listen to episode 150 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to learn 10 tips to write epic blog posts that your audience will devour.  Be sure to subscribe to the entire series on iTunesStitcher or SoundCloud!

In this 30 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • 10 easy tips to write epic blog posts
  • Why your blog and blog content must have a purpose, goals and objectives
  • How to write headlines that grab the right attention
  • Why your blog and content headline must deliver on what it promises
  • The importance of creating actionable content
  • How to incorporate storytelling into your blog content
  • Why you must connect emotionally with your blog readers
  • The importance of the “You Factor”
  • The importance of validating your content with case studies, references and facts
  • Why you must share your best stuff always
  • Why you must know your audience

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  1. Morris Mutfwang July 23, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    Powerful words, I personally had problems publishing my inspirational hip-hop music and visuals for my media company, targeted to youths empowerment in the Nigerian and African community,with local publishers/promoters in the Nigerian community, they all said it won’t sell. No wonder the music they endorse is simple and ordinary, encouraging mediocrity. How can I go about this please? . [email protected]

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