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It's not news that people buy from people or that business and life are about personal, human relationships. People have been buying from other people, communicating with other people and connecting with other people for years, decades and centuries. It's in our DNA to want to connect with other human beings who believe in the same things we do. It's these common foundations that weave the threads for relationships, trust and community.

If we all know life and business is really about people, then why do so many marketing and business leaders still fall to lazy marketing tactics and corporate marketing speak as they set out on their online digital and social media adventures? They claim they want to connect with real human beings. They say they want to build community. However, their priorities, actions and language is doing the opposite.

For years people have gathered around campfires and dinner tables to connect and relate to one another. We share. We laugh. We cry. We tell stories. We grow. We become part of something bigger than ourselves.

When you share a story you share a piece of you. You invite people into your world. You share with them who you are, what you care about, why you are doing what you do. You are inviting them in a human way to be part of your story, part of your journey.

Brands can tap into the power of storytelling to inspire, connect with and serve their audiences. Storytelling helps build relationships and earn trust.

Brand storytelling is not about bragging about yourself all day on the latest live video streaming mobile application. It's not about creating a viral video or a long winded essay in corporate speak. Brand storytelling requires both art and science. It requires having a solid brand architecture and message foundation as well as knowing your audience and how you can serve them real value.

Take a listen to episode 161 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to learn 10 key foundational elements to successful brand storytelling.

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In this 30 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • 10 foundational elements and tips for successful brand storytelling
  • Definition of brand storytelling
  • Benefits of brand storytelling
  • What brand storytelling is and is not
  • Importance of a brand architecture and message foundation
  • Communicating and connecting as human beings
  • Why you must know your audience
  • Importance of remaining humble and sharing your ups and downs of your journey
  • Embracing imperfect perfection
  • Using different communication mediums and social networks to tell brand stories

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