Facebook marketing content people crave

Recently, Facebook surpassed over 1 billion people using their platform daily.

1 billion!

If that doesn't tell you how huge they are, I don't know what will. It's a great platform with huge potential today, and one that will only get bigger tomorrow.

Here's the problem, though. If your content doesn’t resonate with your audience, they'll simply ignore it. This leads to a drop in engagement and reach in general, and you start to doubt it’s effectiveness.

Ouch! But when you think about it, wouldn’t this makes perfect sense? Why should Facebook show your content if your audience is ignoring it?

What can you do? You need to post content that people are craving to consume.

In my opinion, we should be posting these types of content on Facebook.

1. The Personal

The personal posts are those that show more about who you are and your business is what people want.

Using Facebook for so many years, I can tell you that some of the pages that I'm most engaged with resonates with me on a personal level.

These pages stood out because they showed a more human side of their business compared to their competitors who only share promotional posts. You should show your human side to be relevant to your audience.

Post a photo of the people in your office. Heck, post photos your pet chilling in your office even.

Here's a great example from Quest Nutrition. I love the personal stories they share on their page.

quest nutrition facebook

2. The Engagement

These are posts that allow people to easily participate in. Think about posts like:

  • Choose this or that?
  • What do you think about…?
  • Would you rather?
  • Fill in the blanks

I'm pretty sure you've seen posts with a question mark at the end of them. I'm sure you were like many others and you just had to engage with the post to either answer it or ask your friends for the answer.


These type of posts work because we're all curious beings, we want to contribute, and we want to know what other people think.

3. The Story

When I think of stories, the page that comes off the top of my head is Humans of New York. Hands down, it's one of my favorite Facebook pages.

The reason I enjoy their page is that I love to read stories of other people. That is because many of them resonate with me on a personal level.  I'm not the only one. Look at how engaging their posts are


I resonate with stories that show a situation where that ‘David’ actually defeated ‘Goliath'. As an entrepreneur we sometimes feel like the odds are against me.

4. The Motivational

In short, the motivational posts are quotes and stories that inspire us. When I read these type of posts, it inspired me to carry on forward. Sometimes I even share their stories with my friends and family too. People love sharing these type of posts because it helps them, and they too want to inspire others.

If you don't know where to find them, Post Planner’s viral photos allows you to find content such as these that you can use on your Facebook page.

Here’s an example

Post planner

5. The Video

Remember the weight-loss video I mentioned earlier? That’s just one of the many videos you can watch on Facebook today.

According to Facebook, there are over 8 billion videos watched on Facebook daily. That is a whopping amount. I’m pretty addicted to them myself.

I'm not the only one as well. I can see many of my friends sharing these videos on a daily basis. On average, 3 out of 10 posts in my newsfeed are in the form of videos. If that doesn't tell you the potential, I don't know what will.

You too can create videos and share it with your audience.

6. The Humor

We’ve all heard the quote ‘laughter is the best medicine.' On Facebook, laughter is the drug that gets you a lot of shares. A lot!

The humor content has to be one of the best types of content to share. It's

a great way to entertain people, build new fans and earn the engagement that you deserve. Just look at your timeline and you’re bound to find something people find funny and have shared. I love Kim Garst's posts.

Kim garst

7. The Purpose

These are content that helps your audience make decisions on a personal or business level. In short, it adds value by educating them and is one of the most important 3Ps of Facebook marketing.

When you're adding value, people will trust the content that you share in the future. I call this the ‘share’ message rather than ‘push’. What this means is you’re slowly sharing tips to educate people, give them more information and then make the sale. You’re basically training them to get ready to purchase from you.

This is one of the most important. This is what Social Media Examiner does really well. SME

So what can you do with all these?

I would recommend you create your checklist to post content that your audience is craving for.

Take some time, get your team together and work through this list. Once you've done that, create a content calendar or an editorial calendar to post them on a regular basis.

What do you think? Do consider leaving a comment.

Aaron is the Grand Master of Customer Delight at Post Planner, a content discovery and scheduling platform. Learn how you can easily discover visual content here.