Adobe Summit 2016 Brand Experience #GetRealChat Marketing Nutz

I'm excited to announce that we have partnered with Adobe and the #GetRealChat Twitter chat is again officially part of the Adobe Summit 2016 event in Las Vegas.

On Wednesday, March 23rd, starting at 3pm pt / 4pm mt / 5pm ct / 6pm et we will be hosting #GetRealChat live from the Venetian hotel and event center in Las Vegas. The topic of conversation is “The future of brand experience.”

It is time marketers get real on the importance of customer experience. Your brand is not defined by your brand guidelines, fancy corporate marketing speak, your website, or even your content marketing strategy and calendar.

The future of marketing is brand experience. Customer experience is your brand. Either you provide a good customer experience or you don't.

You can't sit in a room and simply “design” the experience. You must get in the head and heart of your customer. You must know what they want before they want it. You must deliver it to them before your competition does. Most importantly it's not just about being first, but about surprising and delighting.

Creating superior brand experiences is about helping your customer feel something they can't touch. It's emotion. It's intellect. It's heart and it's mind. It's art and it's science. You can't put just one finger on it and you can't create the customer journey in one meeting, week, month or year.

The future of brand experience requires a commitment to continuously service the needs of your customer. It's not about “updating your website” or hiring a content consultant to “rework your content calendar.” It's more about a commitment to prioritizing and architecting the best brand experience you possibly can all based on what your customer needs, not the latest and greatest social or digital shiny object.

Marketers must stop marketing to devices and instead must focus on people. Customer experience can be one of the most competitive weapons you have in your marketing strategy and tactics tool bag.

Unfortunately many brands and marketers may talk about the power of brand experiences, still few of them are really implementing strategies and tactics that focus on the customer as the top priority. For example, they spend loads of money, time and resources on the latest social media strategies, visuals and paid media all while sending them to a broken website with a terrible user experience that is not mobile responsive. They lose their customers before they get a chance to say hello. These brands are not not personalizing the messages nor are they delighting and surprising their customers or potential customers.

It's time to throw out the old marketing ways and commit to the future. Commit to the now.

The brands that embrace the power of customer experience and actually do more than just tweet and snapchat about it, are the brands that will win one, two, three and five years from now.

Join the Conversation

Join the conversation, “Future of Brand Experience” on Wednesday, March 23rd, 3-4 pt / 4-5 mt / 5-6 mt, 6-7 et on Twitter.

Joining the conversation will be several @Adobe team members including Cory Edwards, Ray Pun, Bridget Darling, Ben Tepfer and Alexa Kiel and Tiffany Turley.

Come learn and explore with us what brand experiences of the future look like.


#GetRealChat Twitter Chat Community#GetRealChat Twitter Chat with Adobe 

Date: Wednesday, March 23rd
Time: 3pm pt / 4pm mt / 5pm ct / 6pm et
Join Conversation: Live Twitter Chat 


Conversation will include:

  • How will brand experiences shape the future of digital, content and brand marketing?
  • What brands are doing well at focusing on customer experience vs products to connect with customers?
  • Is customer experience a better way to connect and sell?
  • How will progressive technology such as virtual reality and augmented reality change the customer experience?
  • What role does the internet of things have in creating better customer experiences?
  • What do brands gain by using physical and digital storytelling?
  • What are the greatest challenges marketers face in designing and delivering unique brand experiences?
  • Advice for brands not currently participating in creating personalized and digital experiences for their audience.



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Disclaimer: Adobe is compensating Marketing Nutz via Sponsorship of #GetRealChat live from Adobe Summit and for my involvement in the Adobe Insider program