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To be successful in business using social and digital marketing strategies and tactics, you must do more than simply focus on the near term. You must know where you are going and how you are going to get there. In addition, you must understand the larger ecosystem of which you are working within.

In the online world, keeping up with trends can be a challenge. Not only do you have to keep your current platforms and content performing, you must also be ready to embrace the changes to come. The only one guarantee we have in the social and digital world is change. Get use to it.

Would you like to know this about your peers….

  • What they are doing to ignite their business using social and digital technologies?
  • What priority are they placing on video and visual focused social platforms such as SnapChat, Instagram etc.?
  • Top social media goals and objectives chosen?
  • What social networks are marketers achieving the greatest ROI?
  • Where do they plan to invest in the future?
  • What social platforms do they plan to spend the most money on for advertising?
  • What forms of content are they creating the most and least?
  • What role will video and live video play in their marketing plans?
  • Most popular social media software platforms?
  • How are they utilizing and implementing influencer marketing programs?
  •  What types of roles are they hiring for?

If you would like the answers to these questions you have come to the right place.

In the 212th episode of the Social Zoom Factor Podcast I interview Jason Keath, the CEO and founder of the Social Fresh Conference. He partnered with Simply Measured and Firebrand Group to develop “The Future of Social Media” research report.  It digs deep into how brand and marketing leaders are utilizing social media today and how they plan to embrace the new technologies and opportunities in the future.

The report is packed with insights even the most seasoned social and digital marketers can leverage and learn from today. Download your copy now and take a listen to the podcast to hear even more details from Jason Keath.

As the Founder and CEO of Social Fresh Conference, the longest running social marketing conference, Jason Keath curates some of the smartest voices in marketing. He has trained digital marketers at over 200 of the Fortune 500 companies. He is on the Advisory Board for Internet Week, cohost of the Social Toolkit Podcast and editor of SocialMediaCurrent.com, a daily news source for social media professionals. 

Take a listen to episode 212 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast and download the “Future of Social Media Report” to learn the following:

  • Top social media trends
  • Top social media goals chosen by marketers
  • What social networks produced the most ROI in the past year
  • How social media teams are spending their time
  • Most common social media roles being hired for
  • Where marketers are investing their dollars for social advertising
  • What content types are marketers planning to invest in (video, blog posts, infographics, Snapchat stories, whitepapers etc.)
  • Most popular social media software
  • How marketers are using and executing influencer marketing

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