5 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Program is Failing

Unfortunately many small business owners and marketing teams jump on social media expecting fast results. They are quickly disappointed when what they thought was a well thought out social media strategy, campaign or program fall flat on its face.

Many social marketing plans fail simply because the marketing architect underestimated the amount of work required. They get sold on the social media easy button and “Facebook is free” mentality. Unfortunately many are unprepared, impatient and lack a cohesive marketing, business, content marketing and brand strategy, yet wonder why they see zero return on their investment.

The truth is that the ability to achieve real business results using social media requires proper research, education, planning, an understanding of your audience and much more. You must know what your audience wants from you as well as how you can offer them unique value that helps them achieve their goals in life and/ or business.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I share 5 reasons why marketers and business leaders fail and never see real results using social media. Do the opposite of these 5 things to increase your results and better achieve your business goals and objectives.

Episode Highlights

  • 5 Reasons why marketers fail using social media
  • Why being unprepared and lacking an understanding of the social ecosystem impacts business result
  • Why being impatient can be disastrous to your social media planning and execution
  • The importance of understanding your customer
  • The importance of a solid brand architecture and messaging platform to inspire and connect with audience and community

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