Increase Web Traffic, Leads, Sales with Google Analytics top 10 Metrics

What if I told you that right now at this very moment you are already you're sitting on a gold mine of free data and analytics to help you generate more brand awareness, leads and sales by connecting with your ideal customers in a human way?

Do you know…

  • What value Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social networks are providing to your bottom line?
  • What content is converting to real business?
  • What content is producing the most leads?
  • How much of your web or blog traffic is coming from mobile devices?
  • What content your audience likes?
  • What content is truly engaging your audience?
  • What content your audience is ignoring?
  • What pages on your blog or website inspire your ideal customers to read longer, or even better click on a second page?
  • What pages your blog or website visitors jump off of as fast as they landed?
  • What pages are taking the longest to load?
  • What pages your ideal customers keep coming back to again and again?
  • How your blog and website visitors are finding you and your content?
  • What tweets, Facebook posts, ads and other content are driving the most traffic to your blog, website or other social channels?
  • How to monitor live traffic on your site when hosting an online event?
  • Why you should setup the goals and conversions feature within Google Analytics?
  • How to leverage all of the above to increase ROI on every dollar you spend on paid media, content marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing and more?

The truth is you ARE sitting on a gold mine of knowledge to help you drive more business in the online and social world of today! If you are not using Google Analytics to better know and connect with your ideal customer, website and blog visitors, you are missing out on data that could be helping you optimize everything you are investing in already today! 

Unfortunately many marketers stay far away from analytics data and measurement as they think it's too complicated. The truth is that understanding analytics measurement systems doesn't require a math or analytics degree.

Even better, you can quickly learn enough to be intelligently dangerous in short time. Google Analytics is an amazing platform to help marketers get in the head of their customer, better understand the performance of their content, online platform and overall marketing.

Take a listen to the 106th episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to learn how to get started with Google Analytics as well as 10 Top Metrics you should be using today to understand and grow your online platform and business.

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In this 30 minute podcast you will learn:

  • The power of Google Analytics and what it can help you understand about your online platform, blog and website
  • 10 Google Analytics metrics you should be paying close attention to on a regular basis
  • How to tap into the power of Google Analytics to better know your customer
  • How to know where your traffic is coming from and what content they are engaging with
  • How to know the value of traffic from social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • How to know what content your audience loves and even dislikes
  • Why you must enable and setup goals and conversions feature within Google Analytics
  • The power of real-time analytics for monitoring live events and how your audience is engaging with your content
  • How to easily test a new title or marketing concept
  • Why both quality and quantity matter when it comes to your online audience
  • How to know what percentage of traffic to your site is coming from mobile devices
  • How to use Google analytics to help measure the achievement of your goals
  • How to measure what pages are working to help you achieve your goals as well as what pages may be hurting your efforts

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