Who Are You? The What, Why and How to Develop Your Personal Brand


Welcome to the digital age of marketing where you are the brand. You can run and hide but you can't escape the need to build your personal brand.

We all know people buy from people.  People also tweet with other people. They connect on LinkedIn with other people. They live video stream, Instagram and SnapChat with other people as well.

When a new potential client contacts us to do business, the first place go to learn about them is the internet. We will start with a Google, Facebook or Twitter search. We then immediately click through to LinkedIn.

In a matter of seconds we can find out who the person is and if they are who they said they are in the contact form. We can find out where they work now and where they have worked the past 10 – 20 years. We will within seconds know if they have a blog, if they have kids, where they went to school and the list goes on.

Yes, you may be sitting there reading this and think… “Pam,  you will never know that about me because I will never post all of that information.”

I want to ask you why? Why would you not want me to find out the best information about you? Why not ensure your digital persona is a true representation of who you really are?

Plus, even if you choose to not share much of this basic information, it's still available via other sites and people you associate with. Your name, photo, family information, associations and more will appear in a simple search via other people and organizations you are associated with. When other people and organizations take photos of you, post the information the their social channels, it becomes public.

It is becoming a requirement , not an option to develop your personal brand. If you want to be trusted and rise above the noise you must connect with people as a human being, not just a logo.

Building your personal brand doesn't happen by jumping on Facebook or creating a fancy Twitter background or highly edited profile photo of yourself. It is also not just a matter of using the right tools to make your videos look good or learning how to play the newsfeed algorithms on all of the top social networks. It's not a matter of tricks.

Building a personal brand requires a well thought out strategy and plan that can NOT be executed and completed in a weekend with a crash course. Click To Tweet

You don't build your personal brand in minutes or hours. You build your personal brand over days, weeks, months and years. You must earn trust, establish credibility and authority.

You must know who you are. You must know who your audience is and how you can serve them.

Even if you are just getting started online, it is important you start somewhere. It only takes a seed. it's how you nurture your personal brand that will bring success.

Take a listen to episode 147 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast for 7 fundamental steps to build your personal brand.

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In this 23 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • 7 fundamental steps to build your personal brand
  • How to determine your personal branding goals
  • Why YOU are your brand!
  • How to develop your own personal branding strategy
  • Why you must be self aware of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Why personal branding is a requirement, not an option
  • Why you must stop excuses and start building your personal brand today
  • The difference between authenticity and transparency
  • Why you must know who you are and what you stand for
  • Why you must know your audience and what they need from you
  • How to be aware of your digital body language

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