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Another day of amazing content creation. You create yet another epic piece of content. You publish yet another epic piece of content.  Your epic piece of content is shared all over the social and digital web, once again.

However, as usual your content is not converting. It is not driving business. It is not driving real traffic to your blog or website. It is not helping grow your email list. It is not generating new leads. It is not driving sales. It is not driving ROI.

So what is the problem? There seems to be a lot of buzz and excitement about your content, yet nobody is buying.

Does this sound familiar? Are you ready to solve this problem once and for all?

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Does your content inspire, connect and convert? Does it drive awareness, and connect you with your dream customer in a way that is generating leads and sales?

Could it be that you are not creating or publishing content designed to convert? Is your content a result of no plan, no goals and nothing more than a random act of content creation? Or maybe you are trying to stomp those random acts of marketing, yet you just haven't cracked that conversion nut?

Social currency on the web today = attention + action. Getting attention is the easy part. Leveraging the attention to drive real action that impacts your bottom line in a positive way is the honey pot. Unfortunately many marketers confuse social buzz with social bucks. They are definitely not the same.

Marketers and business owners responsible for the success of their social media, marketing and content efforts need to step up and own the results. Just because your social network news feeds are filled with fud and experts pushing social networks, tools and technology to anyone who will listen to them, doesn't mean you should be taking their advice. You need to create your own content strategy that supports your business and marketing goals.

It's easy to sit on Facebook, Periscope and Instagram live streams and listen to people teach you how to do brand storytelling and hustle 24/7. It's a different game and much harder to lock yourself in a room, and actually put virtual pen to paper and create a strategy, plan, and content that drives real business conversions that are measurable and impact your bottom line.

Do you know what success looks like? Do you know how your content directly supports your business goals? Do you know how to inspire your audience to take action? Do you know what action you are driving your readers, listeners and viewers to do?

Does your content convert at 50-83%? Ours does. Want to learn how we do it? Join my FREE live webinar “Content that Converts.”

I am hosting a FREE Live Training Webinar on Thursday, September 21st at 2pm et

Webinar Title: Content that Inspires, Connects and Converts 

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Free Content Marketing Training Webinar – Here is What you will learn: 

  • How to create content that inspires, connects and converts!
  • How to create content that converts lookers to buyers
  • How to create content that inspires and connects you with your ideal dream customer in a meaningful and human way
  • The top 5 inputs you must have before creating even one piece of content
  • The top 5 things you MUST know about your ideal customer so that you can create content that engages them to take action to BUY!
  • The hottest tools and technology to create, inspire, connect and convert lookers into buyers using the social and digital web of today!

Free Live Training Details:

  • Webinar Title: Content that Inspires, Connects and Converts 
  • Date: September 21st 
  • Time: 2pm et 
  • Duration: 60-90 minutes

If you are serious about obtaining an ROI from your content marketing efforts to grow your business, you don't want to miss this training.

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Everyone that attends the live event will receive a FREE Content Success Kit! We will have special bonuses, worksheets and giveaways for those who register and attend the webinar live.

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