It's time to get real about the real return on the investment you make in content marketing.

Is the money and time you are investing in content marketing helping you achieve your business goals?

Is the time you invest researching your audience, learning the social networks and pounding out mounds of content fruitful?

Bottom line… does your content convert to real business?

Are you one of the 22% of businesses that are satisfied with their conversion rates? Or are you in the other 78% who acknowledges it's time to improve?

Are you increasing your social currency with your actions?

Social currency = attention + action. Are you earning the attention from the right people and inspiring them to drive the right actions?

If you want to not only compete and win now but also be in business 5 years from now, you better figure out how to get on the positive side of the social currency equation.

Watch this video and grab your seat to my webinar, “Content that Converts” and learn how you can create content that works for your business even when you're not working! I will be sharing with you the same methods and tools we leverage to obtain a 50-80% conversion rate on our own content consistently.

Register for my free webinar “Content that Converts” 

Webinar Title: Content that Inspires, Connects and Converts 

This is a special live training webinar event packed with actionable tips and strategies you can implement immediately. Grab your seat right now.

Free Content Marketing Training Webinar – Here is What you will learn: 

  • How to create content that inspires, connects and converts!
  • How to create content that converts lookers to buyers
  • How to create content that inspires and connects you with your ideal dream customer in a meaningful and human way
  • The top 5 inputs you must have before creating even one piece of content
  • The top 5 things you MUST know about your ideal customer so that you can create content that engages them to take action to BUY!
  • The hottest tools and technology to create, inspire, connect and convert lookers into buyers using the social and digital web of today!

Free Live Training Details:

  • Webinar Title: Content that Inspires, Connects and Converts 
  • Date: September 21st 
  • Time: 2pm et 
  • Duration: 60-90 minutes

If you are serious about obtaining an ROI from your content marketing efforts to grow your business, you don't want to miss this training.

Register for the webinar now. Seating is limited!

Everyone that attends the live event will receive a FREE Content Success Kit! We will have special bonuses, worksheets and giveaways for those who register and attend the webinar live.

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