Personal Branding Webinar Training Why, What and How to Ignite the YOU Factor

Do you need to worry about your personal brand as a working professional? Or is a personal brand only for those “online gurus” trying to get rich and famous?

The truth is this…

You have a brand regardless if you plan it or not.

Your brand is made of perceptions. You can sit in a room and create, ideate, and develop your brand for the next year to 10 years. You can create fancy messages, fancy graphics and amazing social profiles that rock the online web.

However, at the core of human attraction is the fact that people will either like you and your brand or they won't. They will decide within a matter of 8 seconds if they are going to stick around on your website, LinkedIn profile or Facebook page… or not.

Your brand is not simply the fancy graphics, words and colors you spent hours, days and weeks to create. Your brand is what others think and say about you. It's how you make them feel. It's how special you make them know they are to you, or not. It's how you smile at them, how you respond to their comments, tweets, posts on your Facebook page… or ignore them.

Your brand is made of perceptions more than it is made of your fancy lingo and graphics.

So let me ask you the question again… do you need a personal brand? Do you have a personal brand? Do you need to worry about your personal brand?

Find out the answer to these questions and more in the free webinar I am hosting on Thursday, September 28th at 2pm et!

Register for my free webinar “Personal Branding 101: Why, What and How to Ignite the YOU FACTOR in Business” 

Webinar Title: Personal Branding 101: Why, What and How to Ignite the YOU FACTOR in Business

This is a special live training event packed with actionable tips and strategies you can implement immediately. I will share with you exactly how I have created a personal brand that attracts our ideal clients 24/7 and how I have built an online tribe of over 1 million.

Grab your seat right now.

Free Personal Branding Training Webinar – Here is What you will learn: 

  • The answer to “Do You Need a Personal Brand?” 
  • The why, what and how of personal branding 
  • 7 Foundations to build a personal brand that attracts your ideal customer 
  • How to build your personal brand along side or as a face to your business brand 
  • How to quickly build trust and authority with content and branding essentials 
  • How to leverage your personal brand and social marketing to create brand awareness and generate leads while you sleep
  • Tips to visually brand your social profiles, blog and website on a tight budget 
  • How to prioritize top social networks to focus on 
  • Top tools and technology for personal branding 

Free Live Training Details:

  • Webinar Title: Personal Branding 101: Why, What and How to Ignite the YOU Factor in Business 
  • Date: September 28th
  • Time: 2pm et 
  • Duration: 60-90 minutes

Register for the webinar now. Seating is limited!

Everyone that attends the live event will receive a FREE Personal Branding Success Kit! We will have special bonuses, worksheets and giveaways for those who register and attend the webinar live.

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