Audience Marketing 101: Your #1 Competitive Weapon for 2018 - FREE Webinar

Ready for a real competitive edge in 2018? While your competition is arguing about which social network is going to win… Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook, I'm going to help you build an audience first marketing strategy and plan to zoom right past the competition.

There's a ton of buzz about audience marketing being the NEW BIG shiny thing for 2018. Trust me, you'll see it listed in almost every 2018 predictions blog post that gets published.

The funny thing is that many smart marketers have been taking an audience based marketing approach in everything they do in marketing and business for decades. You may have heard it referred to as a customer first marketing strategy or an audience first marketing strategy.

We have been helping our clients adopt and implement an audience based marketing approach since we opened the doors 7 years ago. It's our most popular service for startups up to Fortune 10 brands in both B2B and B2c markets. We include it by default every time we do an audit, strategic plan or execution on behalf of the client.  I also spent 15+ years in corporate marketing before founding our agency, Marketing Nutz. Audience marketing has been a core responsibility of every marketing job I had since the first day I set foot into the corporate walls as a marketer. It was just what we did, period. If you are not marketing to and for your customer, what is the purpose.

If you have never heard of the term audience marketing… no worries. I got ya' covered.

I am hosting a live training event Thursday, November 16th at 2pm et to help you understand Audience Marketing!

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What you will learn: 

  • WHY you must embrace audience marketing in 2018
  • Audience marketing 101 foundations
  • 3 easy steps to get started now
  • Audience marketing myths BUSTED
  • How to gain a competitive edge immediately
  • How to begin segmenting your audience
  • How to use buyer personas to ignite your content marketing strategy
  • How to maximize every $1 spent on Facebook advertising
  • How to increase ROI on every piece of content and social media post you write and design
  • How audience marketing relates to social media and digital marketing
  • Top audience marketing tools to find, prioritize and connect with your dream customers

You will learn actionable strategies and tactics you can start implementing immediately! This is a value packed webinar offering tangible advice and strategies. Plus those who show up live will receive extra bonus items such as a buyer persona worksheet and more!

Webinar Title: “Audience Marketing 101: Why, What and How to Stomp the Competition in 2018”

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