Facebook Marketing Trends, Best Practices and 10-Point Checklist for Audit in 2018

Is your Facebook marketing strategy and business Page ready for 2018? Are you ready for the Messenger bots, live video, increased competition and algorithm changes?

2018 is going to be more challenging than ever for brands wanting to tap into the power of 1.37 daily and 2.07 billion monthly active users that Facebook proudly supports. As if this isn't enough, there are 400 new users ever minute!

Did you know that according to Statista, 53% of U.S residents use Facebook several times a day? On average, users access Facebook eight times per day. I'm not surprised. Are you?

The power of Facebook for businesses big and small in 2018 is real. It's not just marketing buzz or hype. The power and business value is there for the taking for marketers willing to put in the effort to understand how the platform can work for their business. The key is that they must research and understand their audience and ultimately continuously learn and optimize how they can leverage Facebook to find, inspire, connect with and help grow the lives and businesses of their dream customers.

Although more than 50 million businesses use Facebook Pages, a good majority of them are struggling with how to achieve real results when it comes to Facebook marketing for business. Register for my free webinar “Facebook Marketing in 2018: How to Conduct a 10-Point Facebook Page Audit” to ensure you are ready to stomp your competition!

The truth is Facebook marketing is not easy. Facebook marketing requires knowledge in marketing strategy, branding, visual marketing, video creation, content marketing, data analysis and the list goes on.

The only guarantee we have with Facebook and any of the other top social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram is change. Just as soon as you think you have your savvy marketing hands around a Facebook marketing strategy, things shift right underneath your social feet.

However, the continuous change shouldn't stop you from planning, learning and continually optimizing for better ROI.  The brands and marketers who win on platforms such as Facebook are those that go the extra mile. Marketers who are continuously learning, growing and digging deep into unique strategies and tactics for which they can not only stand out from the crowd, but how they can work more efficiently and connect with their audience in authentic, meaningful and human ways.

So where do you start? Are you ready to ensure your Facebook business page is ready to deliver real value and measurable results in 2018? If you answer yes, then you definitely landed on the right blog post today.

Facebook Marketing in 2018 Webinar: Trends + How to Conduct a 10-Point Audit

 I hosted a free Facebook Marketing in 2018 webinar to help you zoom right past your competition into 2018! Grab your on-demand seat to the Facebook Marketing Webinar Now!

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to conduct a 10-point Facebook audit to ensure your Page is in tip top shape for the New Year 2018!
  • How to nail your Facebook strategy to connect with your ideal customer and audience
  • How to prioritize content that sells – get more leads and revenue
  • How to build a Facebook page that highlights your strengths and engages your target audience
  • Why you can't ignore Facebook Messenger to serve your customers and increase sales
  • How to measure and analyze – what metrics matter and where to find them
  • Why you shouldn't follow the herd and why you must develop your own strategy and plan
  • How to prioritize what new Facebook features you should implement quickly to increase customer satisfaction and business success
  • How to integrate Facebook paid advertising to ignite your Facebook Business Page engagement, leads and sales

and more…

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