Are you tired of looking for the magic easy button to help you get your business content to the top of the News Feed? Do you dream about your content showing up on top of the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn News Feed?

What if I told you there is no magic easy button?

The truth is marketers have no guarantee their content will be seen on any medium, platform or social network, by anyone, let alone their target audience.

Creating mass amounts of content is not a sound strategy to get your content read, watched, or listened to.  There are still quite a few lazy marketers pushing out mass quantities of junk content trying to grab that sacred top of news feed position. These spammy, firehose tactics no longer work like they use to.

In the video below I provide you some serious tough love. Could it be your current over focus and desire to reach the top of the news feed is actually what is keeping you from achieving the goal?

The only way your content is going to show up “Top of Feed” in the newsfeed of your ideal customer is if it's something that provides them real and relevant value. Being the loudest one in the room doesn't work. Context is everything!

Though it may be tempting to be the loudest or most negative marketer in the social room to grab attention, the truth is these tactics are likely hurting your brand more than helping it.

If your content doesn't inspire, empower, educate and connect emotionally with someone, why would they open it, let alone actually spend time watching, reading or listening to it.

Watch this quick video for a sanity check on some tips and strategies to ensure your content is representing your brand promise in a positive way and attracting your ideal customer, not pushing them away!

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