How to Build Your Personal Brand to Inspire, Connect and Grow Your Business in 2018

One of the top questions I hear from business leaders, small business owners, executives, sales representatives, and everything in between is, “Pam, do I need a personal brand? Or is an investment in my personal brand only needed if I am looking to be some kind of super famous online social rock star or self centered narcissist?”

We all know that people buy from people. It's natural for us to want to do business with people and brands we trust and who make us feel good.

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YOU are the MEDIA!

Did you know that you are the media? Yes, you personally are the media. You and I are the PRODUCT of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Without our content in the form of images, videos, audio and text, they would have nothing.

The always on, always connected, always social and noisy, digital world of today presents tremendous opportunities for businesses small and large to achieve local, national and even global attention and brand awareness.

By tapping into the power of social media and influencer marketing even solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners have real opportunities to compete head to head against brands with much bigger budgets and teams than them.

Knowing how to leverage these technologies combined with a personal brand can help even the tiniest of businesses shine and rise above the noise.

Social currency on the web today = attention plus action. Earning attention is the first step. However, you also need to have a crystal clear plan on the action you want your audience and ideal customer to take.

Learning how to connect with your audiences and community in a human way will help you earn trust, build relationships, establish authority and grow your business. Your personal brand is a major foundational component of this success.

I am contacted almost daily by large media outlets, brands and more asking for access to my personal media platform, network, podcasts and the list goes on. There is power and opportunity in building a platform that serves a niche market with real value.

You already have a personal brand regardless if you consciously designed it or not. 

Your brand is not just your colors, business card, tag line, fancy graphics and logo your designer created for you.

Your brand is who you are. It's what you stand for. Your brand is your promise and how you deliver on it or not.

Your brand is everything you do. It's what you say, how you say it and who you say it to. It's where and how you comment on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Reddit.

Your brand is the images you post. Your brand is the filters you use on Instagram.

Your social and digital body language speaks so much louder than your words. You can spend months creating the perfect message and brand platform. However, if you and your team are not living your brand online and offline, the words eventually mean nothing.

People will make a decision is as little as 8-10 seconds if they like you or not. Every brand impression matters.

Though you can't control your brand perceptions, you can certainly influence them if you take the time to understand how.

How you present yourself to the online and offline world is incredibly important to your success in business and life.

How is your personal brand working for your business?

Is your personal brand helping or hurting your business? Is it the best representation of you, what you stand for? Does it properly represent your business? Does it help attract the right customers to you and your business?

Are you using your personal brand to best leverage the social networks features, reach and capabilities? If not, you should be!

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Register for my free webinar June 7th, at 2pm et ->How to Build Your Personal Brand to Inspire, Connect and Grow Your Business in 2018

Webinar Title: How to Build Your Personal Brand to Inspire, Connect and Grow Your Business in 2018

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  • How to Build a Personal Brand that Grows Your Business 
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  • Leverage your personal brand for business: How and why to build your personal brand along side or as a face to your business brand.
  • Leverage your personal brand to earn trust and authority: Tips to quickly build trust and authority without breaking the bank or spamming your friends and family. 
  • Prioritize Social Networks to build your brand: How to choose the right criteria to prioritize what social networks you should focus on.
  • Power of Making Your Brand More Human: How to easily connect with your ideal customer and others in a human way while serving value
  • Authenticity vs Transparency: Choosing the right transparency for you and your business
  • Brand yourself visually: Where to start to develop eye catching, engaging visuals for personal branding online to attract your dream customer.

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  • Webinar Title: How to Build your Personal Brand to Inspire, Connect and Grow Your Business in 2018 
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