Content Marketing Strategy Golden Rules 2018
Content marketing is becoming more challenging even for the most experienced marketers.

Gone are the days of simply needing to know how to write textual content for a white paper, marketing collateral or direct mail flyer.

Now businesses large and small must learn not just how to inspire and engage their audiences with content, they must also learn the technologies, mediums, social networks and how to orchestrate them all together to somehow rise above the noise.

As Instagram hits 1 billion active users, Facebook already over a billion and more than 1 billion people using Facebook Messenger alone, ignoring the technologies is not an option.

Add to this the need to create thumb stopping visual images, audio, and video in not only short form but also long form, 1 minute increments, live and recorded – it's no wonder some new to this crazy social content arena are ready to throw in the towel before they even get started.

Don't give up quite yet.

I think often times marketers over complicate what should be simple. They get too hung up in bits, bytes, pretty pictures and forget why they are creating content to begin with. They forget who they are creating content for and that it's not about impressing their competition but instead in finding a foundational human way to connect with their ideal and dream customer.

Work smarter, not just harder.

Success really comes in working smarter, not just harder. The marketer and brand that can outlast, out market and sleep better than their competition wins.

I spent 15 years working in corporate America marketing in mostly enterprise brands as well as some technology startups. I can remember the advice from one of my favorite CMOs at an enterprise software company I worked at for 7.5 years (Sun Microsystems – now Oracle) said “if you are short of an idea, get a good night sleep and you'll have something magical in the morning.

It's not just chance that the best ideas come to us creative crazies while we are in the shower, driving a car, or on a deserted beach in the middle of nowhere.  It's because our minds are free. They are free to dream and imagine a better way to connect with and create incredible experiences for other humans. Sometimes we literally have to get out of the rat race of life and business to get out of our own way.

15 Golden Rules for Content Marketing Webinar 

Creating content that will help your business succeed is based on much of the same foundation. Understanding these foundations are critical for success.

I'm not a big believer in creating “rules” for anything. There is no cookie cutter solution to every problem in business and content marketing is definitely one that has no perfect cookie cutter or easy button.

However, there are definitely some “golden rules” that are applicable for any size business in any industry and any niche. These golden rules apply to organizations with tiny, small, medium and large size budgets!

For this reason I created a short, easy to digest, on-demand training webinar to help you understand (or remind you) of the 15 Golden Rules to Content Marketing that works.

Grab a virtual seat to my free webinar training and you'll get instant access to the 15 Golden Rules that you can start implementing today.

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Free Content Marketing Golden Rules Training Webinar – Here is What you will learn: 

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  • The #1 thing that separates content from Content Marketing
  • Why you must slow down to speed up
  • The top 2 things you must have before creating even one piece of content
  • Why and how to stomp random acts of marketing (and content)
  • Tips to humanize your brand and better connect with your customers
  • The power of an imperfect content

and more…

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Webinar Details: “15 Golden Rules  of Content Marketing”

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