Staying Relevant in a Digital World Not Pushing Play

Did you know that 85% of Facebook users watch video with the sound off?

Most marketers create video and audio content assuming their audience is going to be super excited to “push play” on their video or audio content such as podcasts.

Let's get real about how people are engaging with your content. 

People are not always pushing play.

Why you ask?

Here's a few reasons…

  • They are in a location or situation where they can't (in a meeting, taking off on an airplane)
  • They don't know you or your brand and aren't sure if your content is worthy of them actually hitting play
  • They are multi-tasking and hitting play means your video or podcast is going to take them away from what they are doing
  • They are looking at their phone pretending to work. If they hit play everyone will know they are faking it ;)

You get the point. There are a ton of different reasons your dream customer may or may not be excited to push play on your content.

Is your content relevant enough to inspire your audience to push PLAY? 

The important question you must answer is not just why are they not pushing play, but how can you inspire them to push play? How can you inspire them to actually “listen” and engage with your content?

Even more important is…are you relevant enough for them to push play? WHY should they push play?

How do you stay relevant in a digital and social world that is not always pushing play?

Take a listen to episode 259 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to learn strategies and tactics you can implement today to become and stay relevant in world that is not pushing play.

In this 20 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • Strategies and tactics you can implement today to stay RELEVANT with your target audience
  • Strategies to inspire your audience to push PLAY
  • The importance of high VALUE unique content vs content that is all about you
  • Importance of the BRAND YOU in connecting with your audience and inspiring them to listen and watch your content
  • Earning trust via your content in a way that consistently inspires your audience to push PLAY
  • Why you must KNOW your AUDIENCE to be relevant
  • Choosing the right medium and marketing channel for your audience
  • How to stop blaming the channel, medium or format and analyze the correct data to continually optimize your content to achieve your results
  • How to ensure your content, message, medium and needs of your audience are all in sync
  • Why you must stop copying what everyone else is doing and instead do what is right for you, your brand and your audience
  • Driving the right call to actions for your audience and your brand
  • How to categorize your call to actions and prioritize properly
  • How to connect emotionally with your audience – word of mouth is 3x higher when there is an emotional connection

Take a listen and be sure to subscribe to the entire series on iTunesStitcher, Spotify, or SoundCloud!

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