Getting to the Heart of What Makes a Conference Amazing with #MDMC2019 Founders

There is no doubt that in person events can provide incredible value. However, attending, exhibiting or sponsoring an event requires investment such as time, energy and money. It’s critical to do your research to ensure you achieve a positive return on your investment.

For event organizers it’s even more challenging as they must find a way to stand out from the crowd and attract sponsors, powerful speakers, exhibitors and of course sell tickets to fill seats.

What makes an event or industry conference amazing?

Is it the…

  • venue
  • location
  • speakers
  • content
  • ability to connect with others
  • promotional opportunities
  • food and drink
  • comfortable seats
  • ease to get around conference sessions and special events
  • entertainment
  • personality and tone of the event
  • service
  • volunteers
  • efficiency
  • leads required
  • all the little details

Is it all of the above? My belief is yes it is all of the above and more. An amazing event creates an amazing experience for all who are part of it.

I have spoke and trained at hundreds of events, conferences and workshops. Every one of them has a unique personality. Many of them have been amazing, and a few not so much.

The best events have founders, organizers and volunteers who have a heart to serve, not just monetize. They must care about their speakers, sponsors, attendees and their own team supporting the event.

Creating an engaging, memorable and amazing experience should be a top goal for any event or conference organizer.

Amazing events don’t just “happen.” They are seeds that are planted by someone or a team who has a “why” bigger than selling seats.  These are the events that become amazing over time with the investment of many who are involved.

At the core of being human we want to connect with other humans who have the same beliefs, goals and dreams as us. Events can do exactly this when done right.

The Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC) can teach us a lot about running and event. I was a keynote speaker at the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference in 2018 and I must say it was one of the best events I have spoke at for many reasons.

I am excited to be returning this year as the emcee and master of ceremonies. I’ll also be hosting a 2.5 hour Personal Branding workshop as well as facilitating a personal branding panel. Bottom line, I’m thrilled to be returning and love being part of the community.

I recently interviewed the 2 founders of MDMC, Perry Drake and Brianna Smith. Perry is MDMC Founder and Assistant Professor and Executive Director of the Marketing and Sales Leadership Institute of the University of Missouri of St Louis.

Brianna is Director of Digital Marketing at TeraRecon, Executive Director of MDMC and Adjunct Professor of Social Media Strategies and advanced Facebook Advertising at the University of Missouri of St Louis

Take a listen to episode 262 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to learn the exact strategies MDMC has used since day one to create an event that is now a Top Conference to Check out in 2019 by Forbes and will attract more than 2000 attendees, 100+ speakers including Adobe, Johnson & Johnson, Purina, LinkedIn, and more.

This success doesn’t happen by accident. It certainly doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of smart work, late nights, collaboration, and devoted hearts to build something that we can all be part of together that is bigger than any of us can do on our own.

The best part is tickets are affordable so that everyone can attend, and bring their entire marketing team so they can maximize the value.

MDMC is a nonprofit event and all proceeds go to MDMC Marketing Scholarship Fund, an UMSL Undergraduate Marketing Scholarship made possible by the MDMC

Grab your ticket to the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference here -> Midwest Digital Marketing Conference


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