Ready, Set, Action! How to Activate Your Social Media Audience and Communities

We are living in exciting times with the advancements in technology, artificial intelligence, live video streaming, user behavior analysis, data measurement and analysis, communication mediums, social media marketing, social networking and the power at our fingertips to bring human beings and communities together.

Smart marketers of today have incredible opportunity to increase brand awareness, build community, establish trust and activate their audience to actions that will bring fans, customers and partners closer to them and their brand while at the same time helping both the audience members and brand achieve their goals.

Unfortunately too many marketers are lazy. They invest in social media platforms but don’t do much more than slap some fancy marketing branding lipstick on a Facebook business page, LinkedIn profile or Instagram account. Then after months of wasted time they wonder why they have little to no real measurable business result.

If you want to see success in online marketing you must activate your audience to help them achieve their goals. When you inspire your audience to connect with you with a goal of helping them achieve their goals, you by default achieve your goals when you are successful. Inspire, connect, achieve.

One of the top questions I receive from clients, colleagues and members of our training seminars is “how do I activate my audience?”

Take a listen to the 124th episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast for 10 ways you can activate your audience today! I provide you some solid examples, recommendations and supporting free tools for how you can activate your audience with content, value and community building.

There is no need to over complicate activating your audience. You can start with baby steps. The mission of everything our agency, Marketing Nutz does in business is to put these types of things in a nutshell for you so that you can activate your audience, grow your brand and business without having to spend the next five years researching and figuring out these details.

This value packed podcast episode will help you activate your audience and better tap into the power of social media and online marketing this week – I promise!

In this 25 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • 10 ways you can activate your audience today
  • Why you must plan your conversion funnel, hope is not a strategy
  • Why call to actions must be relevant and valuable
  • How to activate your audience to nurture relationships and build community
  • How to leverage live streaming via apps such as Periscope and Meerkat to activate your audience
  • Tapping into the power of Twitter chats to grow community and provide value to your community
  • Leveraging Google Hangouts to grow your business
  • How to tap into the power of email marketing
  • Leveraging audio communication such as podcasting
  • Why you need an RSS subscription option on your blog /website
  • How to use content marketing assets to activate your audience
  • Why earning trust and establishing credibility must be a top priority to activate audience
  • How giving your audience an insider, exclusive view can activate your audience
  • Tapping into the power of the OPC – Other People’s Content & Community

Take a listen to the 124th episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to learn 10 ways you can activate your audience and online communities to achieve your business goals starting today!

Supporting Resources:

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