3 Reasons CEOs Fear Social Media, Social Selling and New Media

Have you ever presented what you thought was an amazing digital marketing, social media, content marketing or social selling plan to your CEO or top executives and all you got back was a dead stare and a big fat “NO”?

If you are experiencing difficulty getting buy-in for your new digital, social marketing or other new media program, you are not alone.

My training and consulting agency, Marketing Nutz helps CEOs and business leaders in organizations of all sizes embrace the latest new media, digital marketing and social marketing strategies to grow their business and connect with customers.

Many marketing leaders struggle with getting buy-in and/ or budget approval from their top leadership, board of directors or even peer stakeholders. They may even find it difficult to obtain support for the exact programs for which they were hired to implement.

Getting in the head of what the CEO, C-Suite and other executive leaders are thinking is key to success. You must understand what their biggest fears are and why they are reluctant to embrace these new technologies.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I share the top 3 reasons why CEOs fear social media, social selling and digital marketing.

Take a listen and let me help you get your new marketing program approved and delivering real and measurable results. I share with you proven strategies for what you should and should not do when presenting your program for approval. These are the same exact strategies we have used with hundreds of companies, big and small.

Top 3 Reasons CEOs fear Digital Marketing, Social Media and Social Selling

  1. Fear of the unknown
  2. Fear of damaged reputation
  3. Fear of not ever achieving a Return on Investment (ROI)
In this podcast you will learn: 
  • Top 3 Fears CEOs have when embracing digital marketing, social media and social selling
  • What you should do and what you should not to if looking to obtain approval for your digital, social or content marketing program
  • Why you must understand the head of your executives and what is holding them back
  • When to consider inviting a 3rd party to facilitate the needed discussions with your CEO
  • How to assess if your CEO is comfortable having the candid discussions about their fears with you
  • The answer to if you should hyper focus on the top 1-2 goals or more
  • Strategies to help your CEO and executive leaders embrace digital and social marketing
  • Why setting proper expectations from the start is critical to success
  • How to set yourself and your company up for success as you plan and implement your new digital marketing, social media or content marketing program

Supporting Resources:

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