How to Maximize and Humanize Your Investment in Professional Speakers for Your Next Event

Pam Moore

8 Steps to Maximize Your Investment in Professional Speakers for Your Event or Conference

Hiring the perfect keynote speaker, breakout speaker, emcee, or workshop trainer for your event or conference is not an easy task. Learning how to actually achieve a positive return on your investment for the speaker is even more difficult!

You are preparing for your big event and really want to ensure it is a huge success.  You have your list of potential speakers, emcee, panel leaders and more.

You've made a lot of promises to your executive leadership or board of directors. It's almost show time.

Now it's time to make some of the big decisions.

How do you ensure you hire the right speaker? How do you make the most of the speakers you invite and invest in? How can you possibly achieve a positive ROI by investing in the right speakers?

There are many proven strategies for maximizing the ROI on the investment you make in professional speakers and trainers.

I speak and train globally and work with organizations big and small to deliver marketing, branding, technology, social selling, leadership and motivational keynote presentations to large audiences with thousands of people to custom workshops and breakouts for enterprise brands, franchise organizations to small business.

I spent 15+ years working in corporate America before starting my own company 9 years ago. I know what it's like to be on both sides of the professional speaking and event conference contract. Time is never in surplus and every dollar and minute count.

I've hired, fired and trained speakers and have also worked with amazing event professionals that knocked it out of the ball park with servant leadership. I've also unfortunately worked with event professionals who don't take time for the details and leave so much ROI opportunity on the table with little mistakes that turn into enormous missed opportunities.

When it comes to maximizing your investment in professional speakers and trainers for your events and conferences, the details really do matter.

The Best Speakers Want More than a Stage… They Want Human Connection

The best speakers are the best in their niche in not only their chosen field of expertise but also in building relationships. They have servant hearts and know how to connect with an audience.

Here's the thing… they also want to connect with you, the event organizer, owner, leader or whatever role you may be in.

Successful professional speakers know the value of relationships as their business is based upon such. A referral to them is gold. They don't just see your event as an opportunity to stand on a stage with a mic and talk for an hour. The best speakers see it as an opportunity to pay it forward, to help and empower human beings to be successful in this crazy world.

As an event organizer it is important to understand the way to ROI for the investment you make in your professional speakers is through the human connection you make with the speaker.

Take a listen to episode 264 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast where I share with you 8 Proven Strategies to Maximize Your Investment in Professional Speakers for Your Event. These strategies are based on my experience speaking and managing the ROI for events for the past 20+ years. Trust me, these strategies work and this podcast is worth the 20 minutes you will invest in listening to it!

What you will learn: 

  • How to choose the right speaker
  • Why you should look at more than social media vanity numbers when selecting a speaker for your conference
  • What to look for in a speaker
  • How to do research to find the right speaker
  • Importance of setting goals for your event and sharing them with the speaker
  • How to create true value for your speaker
  • Why organization and details matter when working with speakers
  • What speakers look for when negotiating speaker fees and deliverables
  • How to create valuable networking opportunities for the speaker and sponsors
  • Little and big ways to take care of your speaker that make a huge difference
  • Success strategies for pre, during and post event success
  • Tips to humanize your conversations with potential speakers from the very first phone call and email you send them
  • Why partnering with your speakers is an investment that pays for itself over and over again
  • Proven strategies to achieve a positive ROI on your speaker investment at your next event or conference

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